Steps to Setup Success Reseller Partners

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You're ending up here because you are new to Kiflo, and want to understand how to get the best out of Kiflo? Follow these steps and you’ll get your Kiflo account up and running in no time.

Steps to setup success are:

  1. Define your Partner Programs
  2. Customize or Create Email Templates
  3. Share Assets with your Partners
  4. Customizing your Deal Form 
  5. Create your First News
  6. Invite your First Partner
  7. Registering Deals 

Step 1: Define your Partner Programs

Partner programs are used to segment partners. You need to define at least one program before adding the first partner in Kiflo.

Defining a partner program allows you to:

  • Segment partners (e.g.: group all reseller partners in the same program)
  • List the benefits & requirements for those partners
  • Setup your commission structure
  • Customize the features available on the partner portal for all the partners in the same program

See: How to create a partner program?

Step 2: Customize or Create Email Templates

Email templates are used to communicate with your partners. 

In order to customize email templates see: How to customize email templates?

Here is a list of places you can assign email templates:

  1. Partner Invitation: How to invite partners?
  2. Partner Program (Partner Application Process): How to set up automated emails for Partner Programs?
  3. Lead & Deal Acknowledgement: How to set up acknowledgment for Lead and Deal?

Another really important task during the setup of email is configuring your sending domain, see: How to configure sending domain?

Step 3: Share Assets with your Partners

Sharing assets is a vital part to enable your partner and equip your partner with the tools they need to bring you deals. 

These include sales collateral, marketing collateral, pricing sheets, and much more!

See: How to upload an asset?

Step 4: Customizing your Deal Form 

You will need to customize the deal form in order to gather more precise information on your deals. The deal form will also guide your partners on the information you expect them to gather on deal registrations. 

See: How to customize the Deal Registration Form?

Step 5: Create your First News

Similar to assets, the news functionality will allow you to communicate vital information in a timely matter with partners. 

News is a widget available on the partner portal. This widget allows partners to stay connected and up-to-date on your company. The news feature on Kiflo can be used by you to communicate on blog releases, webinars, product releases, etc. 

See: How to share news?

Step 6: Invite your First Partner

Inviting your first partner to Kiflo is a big step and it is important to have implemented the steps above before inviting them!

You can easily invite your partners to Kiflo with just a few clicks. They will receive an invitation by email, that includes a link to activate their partner portal.

See: How to invite partners?

Step 7: Registering Deals 

Deal registration has many elements and below you will find a lot of content to help you set up the right process for your partners. 

Once you have done step 4, you should do the following:

  1. Channel Conflicts on Deals: How to detect channel conflicts on deals?
  2. Setting up Products and Line Items (If relevant to your process): How to allow resellers to select products during deal reg?

Customizing your deal pipeline to reflect your sales process:

You can customize the stages in the deal pipeline, to reflect the stages in your CRM for instance.

The deal pipeline is visible from the Deals page, this is the default selected view. You can switch from the board to the table view using the buttons:

See: How to customize the deal pipeline?

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