How to share news?

News is a widget available on the partner portal. Use News to communicate with partners about product updates, events, or social media posts.

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Add news

Here is a step-by-step guide to adding news to your Kiflo account:

  • Go to the Manage page
  • Click News
  • Click the Add news button
  • Then choose a name and click Add

No worries, this name is just for you to keep the news organized. It is not visible to partners and you can change it at any time.

On your news designer page, you can:

  • Language - Optionally define the language of the news (see How to share news per partner language?)
  • Layout - Choose between a vertical or horizontal layout depending on the image's ratio.
  • Title - The news headline
  • Subtitle - This refers to the type of article like Blog, Event, Webinar, etc.
  • Description - A couple of sentences about the news (ex: for a blob article, add the first sentences)
  • Add a Call to Action - You can add a call to action button which will be linked with a URL to redirect them to another website/location
  • Call to Action label - The text in the call to action button will make the call to action URL field appear
  • Call to Action URL - URL to redirect your partners to another website/location such as a blog on your website
  • Image - An image to support the news makes it a better partner experience in terms of UX

Don't forget to click the Save button to save changes!

Publish news

Once the news is ready to be published, click the Publish button:

The button is disabled and I cannot click it

This button becomes enabled once the news is saved. Make sure to click the Save button first!

You have 2 options:

  1. Publish the news immediately and make it visible to partners
  2. Schedule the publishing to make it visible automatically in the future

This can be done by choosing the right visible dates:

News must stay visible to partners

If you want the news to be visible all the time and never expire, don't set an end date!

Define who can view news

News can be visible to some partners only.

Real-life examples

  • If you participate in an event in your country, you may want to share this news only with partners in that country.
  • If you changed the benefits offered to all your referral partners, share the news with referral partners but not resellers.

News can be shared to:

  • Some programs
  • Some groups

Here are the different options:

Visible to Results
No programs and no groups are selected News is visible to everyone (according to the visible from/to dates)
Some programs are selected, but no groups are selected News is visible to all partners in the selected programs
Some groups are selected, but no programs are selected News is visible to all partners in the selected groups
Some programs and some groups are selected News is visible to all partners who are either in the selected programs or the selected groups.
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