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Getting started

Getting started

Get your Kiflo account set up in just 3 simple steps

5 articles

With referral partners

Set-up actions when you work with referral partners

1 article

Using Kiflo


Learn how to manage partner programs.

3 articles


Learn how to manage Partners.

5 articles


Learn how to get leads from partners, share leads, manage lifecycle, etc

4 articles


Learn how to manage and configure Deals (expiration, approval, conflicts, etc)

5 articles


Learn how to share and manage content with your partners

2 articles

Manage Account

Learn how to configure your account on Kiflo

8 articles

Rewards & Payouts

Learn how to incentive and pay your partners

3 articles


Learn how to connect a lead form, your website or your CRM

14 articles


API Reference

Complete reference documentation for the Kiflo API

1 article

JS Reference

Complete reference documentation for the Kiflo JS

6 articles