How to customize the Deal Registration Form?

You will need to customize the deal form in order to gather more precise information on your deals. The deal form will also guide your partners on the information you expect them to gather on deal registrations. 

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Deal registration has three elements

Deal registration has three customizable elements. 

  1. New Deal - This form will gather all the information on a deal like the name of the deal, expected close date, amount, etc. 
  2. Line Items - This form will gather information on any products your partners might want to reseller and the quantities also. 
  3. Client Information - This form allows you to gather all the necessary information on the end customer.

Enable Line Items during deal registration

The default deal registration process does not include line items in Kiflo. If you would like to allow partners to select products during the deal registration please see this link: How to allow resellers to select products during deal reg?

How to customize the deal form? 

Here is a step to step guide to customize your deal form:

  • On Kiflo, click on the top right-hand corner on your name
  • Click on Account

  • On Account, go to Properties and the Deals tab

  • On this page, you can add or delete properties attached to each deal. These fields will be shown on each deal but also on your partner's deal registration form. You can choose specific permissions and behaviors for each property. 
  • Contacts under properties refer to Client Information on a deal registration

Important articles on lead properties

Please see the following articles:

  1. How to change properties visibility for partners?
  2. How to customize properties?

What are the best practices for deal forms?

  • Required fields need to be first/top of deal form
    • this will ensure your partners enter the required details first as a priority and know what you expect of them. In order to place properties on the form in a certain order please see the screenshot below:

  • Limit fields on your deal form for simplicity
    • By simple we mean keep the list of properties you expect from your partners on a deal short and also properties that are easy to attain from people. 
  • Choose the correct "Type" when creating properties
    • This will ensure your partners enter the correct data and in the correct format. When you create a new property you can choose a type. 
  • Adding a Placeholder when creating properties
    • These will guide your partners on the expected answer. When you create a new property you can add a placeholder. 
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