What are line items?

Scale plan only

Because line items are linked to deals, they are available only on the Scale plan.

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Introduction to line items

Line items are used on deals to identify the products composing the deals. Line items can be set on deals:

  • During deal registration by partners
  • On existing deals by channel managers and/or partners

One line item represents one product with its corresponding quantity, unit price, and total price.

Products and unit prices are defined in the product catalog: How to manage products?

Line items can be found on every deal's page, in the Line items tab. You will find:

  • The list of line items composing the deal (1)
  • The total price for all selected line items (2)
  • The total deal amount, which includes the total price for all selected line items plus other amounts composing the total deal amount (3)

Options for channel managers

Channel managers can:

  • Add, edit or delete line items, even those created by partners
  • Overwrite the default unit price on each line item
  • Define what partners can do with line items, per partner program (see next section)

Options for partners

Depending on the settings defined in the partner program (please see: How to allow resellers to select products during deal reg? for more details), partners can:

  • Add line items during the deal registration process
  • Add, edit or delete line items, even those created by other partners on the same deal
  • See unit prices, total prices, and deal amounts

Tips: working with both resellers and distributors

If you work with both distributors and resellers, you may want to:

  • Allow resellers to define line items during deal registration, but NOT see the prices nor deal amounts
  • Allow distributors to see line items defined by resellers on the deals they are assigned to, AND see prices and deal amounts

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