How to manage products?

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Create products

Products can be defined from the Manage > Products page:

To create a new product, click on the Add new product button and fill in the new product form:

You can add more properties on products, like SKU for instance. To do so, go to Account > Properties > Products.

Define prices

For each product, you can define a list of prices. Those prices can apply to all partners, or only some partner programs or some partner program levels:

For instance, set prices that include different discounts depending on the level of the partner in the program.

To add a new price, click on the Add price button, and fill in the form:

  • Name: The name of the price. It won't be visible to partners, it's just for you to easily manage prices.
  • Price per unit: The unit price for a quantity of 1 product. This will be used to compute the total deal amount automatically.
  • Currency: If you enabled the multi-currency feature on your account, you can select the currency.
  • Apply to: Select one partner program level to restrict this price to some partners, or leave it empty to create a price available for all partners.

Rules to define prices

For one product, you can only have:

  • one price available for all partners, in one currency
  • one price defined by partner program level, in one currency

See the next section: How does price selection work for partners? to understand why.

How does price selection work for partners?

When partners select products and set quantities during deal registration, Kiflo selects automatically the best price for each product.

Prices are selected using the following rules:

  • Kiflo selects all the prices defined on the product, based on the currency of the deal
  • Then it filters the prices to get only the one available for the current partner:
    • Either the price is available for all partners
    • Or the price applies to one of the program levels the current partner is in
  • Finally, Kiflo selects the lowest price if there is more than 1 price available

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