How to allow resellers to select products during deal reg?

When working with resellers or distributors, it can be tricky to have a clear and automated deal registration process. Resellers usually get discounts on public prices, and different resellers may have different discounts.

With Kiflo you can define the list of products in your products catalog. And allow partners to select products and quantities during deal registration. But not only. You can also define prices for each product, and have different prices for the same product depending on the partner program, or the level in the partner program. By doing so, you can offer different discounts to different partners.

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Introduction to products catalog

First of all, you need to define the list of products and their prices available for partners.

Please see the steps here: How to manage products?

Introduction to line items

To understand what are the line items on deals, please refer to this article: What are line items?

Enable the line items features for partners

Line items can be enabled/disabled per partner program. Indeed, for your reseller partner program, you may want to enable it, but not for your referral or affiliate partner program.

To enable/disable line items:

  • Go to the Programs page
  • Open the program you want to edit
  • Go to the Settings tab
  • Scroll to the Line items section:

Allow partners to view line items: This option allows partners to see the Line items tab on deals.

Allow partners to update line items: This option allows partners to select products and quantities during deal registration, but also to edit/delete line items on deals they are assigned on. If this option is disabled, the Line item step will be hidden during deal registration.

Hide/show prices to partners

It's possible to allow partners to select products and set quantities during deal registration, but without disclosing the prices. It could happen when you work with both resellers and distributors, and distributors need to see prices but not resellers.

In such a case, from the previous section, uncheck:  Allow partners to view total deal amounts & line item prices.

By disabling this feature, partners will see products, but will never see:

  • the associated unit prices
  • the total deal amounts
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