How to customize deal pipeline?

It's possible to customize the stages in the deal pipeline to reflect the stages you have in your CRM for instance.

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Customize deal pipeline stages

To edit the stages:

  • Click on the top right corner (on your name):

  • Go to Account > Deals
  • Scroll to the section Deal Pipeline

For here you can:

  • Add a new stage by clicking on the Add stage button.
  • Edit or delete exiting stages, using the actions buttons on each row: 

  • Re-order stages using the move buttons on each row:

Closed won/lost stages

When editing stages you can define the Corresponding stage (Closed Lost in the example below):

The corresponding stage can be either Closed Won or Closed Lost. This is used by Kiflo to compute KPIs on the number of deals won or lost. The Closed Won stage is also used to trigger rewards if you have defined some rewards on this trigger.

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