How to customize properties?

Customizing properties will enable you to gather and store the right information on Leads, Deals, Contacts, Transactions, Customers, Partners, Rewards, and Products. 

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Adding Custom Properties

To change properties here are the following steps:

  • Go in Account > Properties (top right corner menu)
  • Select the object you want to edit (Leads, Deals, Contacts, Transactions, Customers, Partners, Rewards, Products)
  • Click the Add button on the object you want a new property to:

Property Configuration

Here are a few things that are important in property configuration:

  1. You must understand to use the right type for the right property. Properties need to have the right type to ensure data integrity (ex: to collect emails, dates, or list of values). 
  2. Choose if the property is required or not. You must check this option to ensure partners will provide the mandatory information, and keep the data in the PRM clean

In order to customize properties please see the video below:

Property Visibility

please see this article about: How to change properties visibility for partners?

Reordering Properties

The order in which they are shown on the properties tab is the order in which they will be displayed on the forms/tabs/pop-ups. It is important to reorder your properties in order to reflect your processes. 

Here is a short video showing how to reorder your properties, please ensure you save the changes you have made: 

Removing Properties

You have the ability to remove a property. If you remove a property, the data stored in all objects (leads, deals, etc.) containing this property won't be erased! Removing a property won't erase data (for example: if you request the leads, deals, etc via API you will still see the values stored).

Here is how to remove a property, please ensure you save the changes you have made:

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