How to change properties visibility for partners?

When you edit available properties on leads, deals, contacts, or customers you can change the partner's permissions.

This article concerns only

  • Leads
  • Deals (only for Scale plan)
  • Contacts (only for Scale plan)
  • Customers

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Available options

It's possible to choose between those 3 options:

Is the property visible for all partners?

By checking this option all partners can see the property and the value associated. It is read-only access.

Is the property editable for all partners?

By checking this option all partners can edit the property. No matter what you set on your side, partners can overwrite the value.

Is the property displayed by default as a column in all tables?

By checking this option the property will be displayed as a default column. It's useful to be sure your partners see the information you provide on leads or deals.


You create a new "NPS" (Net Promoter Score) property on Leads and you want it to be visible next the to lead's name on the Leads page.

Edit partner's permissions

To change partner permissions on an existing property:

  • Go in Account > Properties (top right corner menu)
  • Select the object you want to edit (Leads, Deals, Contacts, Customers)
  • Click the Edit button on the property you want to edit:

Visibility confirmation

If you have private information that you absolutely don't want to share with partners, you need to be sure that the data won't be disclosed.

The level of visibility is displayed next to each property. If you see this icon it means the property is visible by the partner:

Example on a lead:

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