How to invite partners?

You can easily invite your partners to Kiflo with just a few clicks. They will receive an invitation by email, that includes a link to activate their partner portal.

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Create new partner

To invite a new partner follow these steps:

  • Go to Partners page
  • Click the Add a new partner button

Then fill in the Partner details section as follow:

  • Partner name: the name of the partner (the name of the company)
  • Status: the status is indicative, it's just for you to identify whether or not the partner is active, or still a prospect
  • Partner program: the partner program(s) this new partner is part of. You can select many programs (ex: if a partner is a reseller but also a referral partner)

Fill in the next section Main contact:

  • First name / Last name / email / job title / phone number: those are the main contact information. Please note the email address will be the one used by the partner to connect to the partner portal
  • Access to Kifo: check this option if you want to give access to the partner portal

Don't want to give access to Kiflo right now, but later?

You can give/remove access to the partner portal later. For instance, you can create the partner as a Prospect, without access to Kiflo. Then choose to give him access when he signs the agreement.

Finally, click on the Next button to move to the last step, and refer to one of the sections below:

Invite partner automatically

If you want to invite automatically the new partner to connect to his partner portal:

  • Select the email template used to send the invitation email
    • There is a default email template in Kiflo but you can customize it, or add more templates (from Manage > Email templates)
    • The default invitation template includes a link to activate the partner portal (it's automatically inserted by Kiflo, and it's unique for each user)
  • Click the Add button

That's it! The partner will receive an email with the invitation link to activate his partner portal.

Invite partner manually

If you want to invite the new partner yourself, with a custom email:

  • Check Don't send an email
  • Click the Add button
  • Copy the activation link:

This link can be used by the partner to active his partner portal.

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