Workflows overview

A workflow is a method for organizing everyday tasks and activities in a specific order.

You can use workflows to automate sequentially occurring procedures and tasks. Workflows, for instance, allow you to send emails and make tasks when a Partner's invitation status changing.

Key concepts


To automate operations and processes, you can use a variety of triggers to react to events occurring within Kiflo to start sequences of actions.

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Workflow actions are steps that can readily be automated as a workflow component.

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Enrollments help track the workflow progress of an entity and contain several statuses.

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Triggers example

Triggers can assist you in automatically detecting partner performance. For instance, the Metric changed trigger can help identify top or bad-performing partners.

The Partner properties trigger can also enable you to automatically detect inactive partners by using the Last seen date property.

You can also use triggers to activate new partner team members when you grant access to your Partner Portal. The Partner invitation status changed trigger will let you know when a partner’s invitation status has changed from Pending to Accepted so you can start a sequence of actions.

Actions example

You can send an automated welcome email whenever a new team member logs in to the partner portal for the first time. Another action you can perform includes creating a task to book a meeting with a partner you last met with a while ago.

You can also delay actions to send a sequence of emails to new partner team members to explain how they can use Kiflo.

Create your first workflow

Ready? Start creating your first workflow following this step-by-step guide.

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