Partner Onboarding


Kiflo helps you track the onboarding process for new partners. Customize partners' onboarding to fit your processes and quickly get an overview of new partners currently following the onboarding process you defined:

Define your onboarding process

You can describe your onboarding process using Onboarding pipelines. Create a different pipeline for each partner program if you work with different types of partners and onboard them in a different way.


  • Create a "Reseller onboarding" for your resellers and defined the different stages of this process
  • Create a "Solution provider onboarding" for your solution providers with different stages than your "Reseller onboarding"

One partner can be part of many onboarding pipelines at the same time if they are part of many programs for instance.

Then customize your pipelines by describing each stage and its associated actions.

Automate your onboarding process

Define actions/tasks that must be completed by partners at each stage of the onboarding pipeline. it has many benefits:

  • Better track progression
  • Empower partners by letting them onboard themselves, and it saves you time
  • Encourage partners to use their partner portal because the onboarding must be completed there

Learn more about onboarding actions: What are onboarding actions?

Next steps

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