How to change partner contact information?

Update partner contact information

To update partner contact information follow these steps:

  • Go to Partners tab
  • Open relevant Partner
  • Go to Team tab
  • Click on the Name (Blue Font Color) of Partner Contact

Then fill in the new Partner contact information:

  • Phone Number: Add a new phone number for your partner
  • Job Title: Add a new job title for your partner
  • Kiflo PRM Account: This toggle allows you to define if the new Partner will have access or not to a Partner Portal

Find out more about setting up and managing you partner team here:

Why are Email, First name and Last name not editable?

Partners could be working with other companies which use Kiflo as well. If partners are using Kiflo to work with many companies, they have the ability to have multiple workspaces (one per company). They sign in using a single email address, but can switch workspaces.

Hence, a change in Email, First name and Last name can affect a partners access to their other workspaces. 

Please contact Kiflo Support team if you need to change your partners Email, First name and Last name.

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