WordPress - WPForms

Connect Kiflo with your Wordpress site in order to track visits, send leads, customers and partner applications to Kiflo.


The integration relies on 2 Wordpress plugins:

Setup Kiflo WordPress plugin

To download, install and configure Kiflo WordPress plugin, please refer to this article: https://docs.kiflo.com/article/39-wordpress

WPForms integration


From your Wordpress administration menu:

  • Click on "Plugins"
  • Then click on "Add new"

From the "Add Plugins" page:

  • In the upper right search bar, enter the name of the plugin: "Contact Form by WPForms"
  • Press ENTER
  • On the "Contact Form by WPForms" plugin card, click on the "Install now" button
  • Then once installed, click on the "Activate" button

The plugin is ready to use!


You should see a new item on the main menu: "WPForms".

From here you can manage your custom forms.

Create or edit and existing form, then go to Settings and Kiflo:

The settings pane allows you to:

  • Choose whether or not you want to send form data to Kiflo
  • Choose the type of data you want to send (Leads, Customers or Partners)
  • Map the form fields with the Kiflo custom properties
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