Partner Prospection


You can manage partner prospection within Kiflo to recruit new potential partners and grow your partner ecosystem. The prospection pipeline aims to structure your prospection process to ensure you don’t miss necessary steps and close the best partners. Search for top partners on LinkedIn, Google, your personal network, and more, add them to the prospection pipeline, and follow the steps you’ve defined to recruit them successfully!

How to use the prospection pipeline?

The prospection pipeline can easily be customized based on your processes.

For instance, if you are searching for new partners on LinkedIn, you could have a prospection pipeline with the following stages:

  1. New: you can use this stage to add all potential partners you want to work with
  2. Connecting: when you’re trying to contact potential partners
  3. Connected: this is when potential partners have answered your email or LinkedIn message.
  4. Good fit: this is after you have had a discovery call and determined that a partnership might be a good fit.
  5. Won: when you and the partner think a partnership is possible and want to make it real.
  6. Not qualified: when the partnership is not feasible because it wasn’t a good fit.

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