How to create a Collection?

You might have resources, such as articles that you want to share with partners. It’s important that they are well organized, and that is what collections are for.

Creating a Collection

Creating collections and organizing them by topics, for example, you can name them FAQ, Training, and Getting Started, making it easier to find them. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Go to Manage
  • Click on Help Center
  • Go to the Collections section
  • Click Add collection
  • Write a Title, and a Description, and add an Icon

Once you have done this, a collection will be created. 

This enables you to associate or create new articles from this page.
A collection can include one or many articles. It is all up to you. 

You have the option to reorder the articles based on your preferences.

This is how it will look in your Partner Portal:

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