How to give certifications to partners?

You can give certifications to individuals and track in each partner's team who is certified, and who should renew their certifications.

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From a particular partner's page

You can give certification to a partner team member from a particular partner's page:

  • Open the partner's page
  • Click the Certifications tab
  • And then click the Give certification button

From the certification page

You can give certification to a partner team member from the certification's page itself:

  • Go to Manage > Certifications
  • Click the certification you want to give from the list of certifications, to open the certification page
  • And then click the Give certification button:

Keeping track of In progress or Active certifications

When giving certification to a partner team member you can choose whether the certification is Active or Pending.


An active certification is a valid certification that is not expired yet or will not expire. If the certification given to the partner team member is  Active you have to specify the Acquisition date.

The acquisition date is the date when the individual passed the certification and can be a date in the past.


In order to keep track of certifications partner team members are currently working on, but haven't passed yet, you can use the In progress status.

You can later edit the certification attribution to change the status and defined the acquisition date when the team members pass it.

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