How to validate payouts?

Validating a payout involves accepting the rewards that are owed to the partner but also asking partners for their validation and invoices. 
Here is a step by step guide on validating a payout: 
  • Once the payout is created it will take you to the Payouts tab, the status of the payout is "Draft"
  • You can accept/decline a reward by checking the checkbox. The statuses of the rewards will change from "Pending" to "Accepted" or "Declined"
  • Once accepted you can validate, which is where you can:
    • ask a partner to approve rewards in this payout
    • ask a partner to attach an invoice to this payout
  • The status of the payout will change to "Pending" as you are waiting for the partner to do the necessary actions

Important note

When the status changes to "Pending" the payout becomes visible to the partner and the partner is notified.

  • Your partners will then be able to add an invoice on attachments and accept the rewards on the payout
  • Once the partner has accepted the payout, the status of the payout will turn to "Ready"
  • You can export the payout

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