What is the payout process?

Managing payments can be tricky. You should validate all the rewards, probably ask your partners to send invoices, or even ask them to review the rewards before you can actually do the payments.  The payouts workflow on Kiflo is designed to help you manage this process.

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What is a payout?

A payout is the aggregation of all earnings/rewards a partner needs to be paid. All payouts in Kiflo are created by channel managers from the rewards that are generated for a partner. A payout is always related to one and only one partner, for one specific currency.

What is the workflow?

Payouts go from one status to another to reflect the current state of the process. Here is what it looks like:

In short

New payouts are Drafted. Then you can Validate them once you've reviewed all the rewards, and ask your partners to do additional actions (like sending an invoice). Once you've received the invoice, you can Accept the payout, pay the partner, and Mark as Paid the payout.

In details

Draft Status

The payout has been created and has not been validated by the channel manager or the rewards have not been accepted/refused. Draft payouts are not visible to partners.

Validate the payout, and optionally ask your partner to send an invoice or review the rewards included in the payout. The partner will then be notified and will know they have actions to perform.

Pending Status

The payout has been validated and is waiting for the partner's validation. A Pending payout is visible to the partner, and the partner can upload an invoice, or review the included rewards. You have nothing do to in this state, basically, you are waiting for the partner.

The partner will then Validate the payout, once everything is OK on their side. You will be notified the payout has been validated by the partner.

Ready Status

The payout has been validated by the partner and is Ready to be paid. The partner sees the same state and knows the payout is ready to be paid. In this state you can choose the export the payout, using the more appropriate export format.

Once the payment is done, you can Mark as Paid the payout. The payout will move to its final state: Paid.

Paid Status

The payout has been paid. At this stage, the partner knows the payment is on its way!

In practice (short video)

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