How to pay partners & export payouts?

In Kiflo you can export a payout in a .xlsx file or a PayPal export file. 

Once your payout is validated and ready to be paid out you can export your payout by the following steps:

  • Once a payout has been created and gone through the validation process outlined here: What is the Payouts process?
  • On Kiflo go to Payouts Tab
  • Choose the payout that is ready and has gone through the validation process
  • Click the Export button

  • You can export in two formats
    • Full export contains all payouts and associated rewards in a .xlsx file.
    • PayPal export format allows you to easily send payouts using PayPal Payouts Web. This payment file can include up to 5,000 payouts.
  • Once you click the export button, it will be emailed to you
  • Once the payout has been paid by you, you can mark as paid the payout
  • The status will change to "Paid" and all rewards included in the payout will be "Paid" as well
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