How to submit leads on behalf of partners?

Sometimes you may receive leads from partners, but not using Kiflo. In this case, you can submit the lead in Kiflo on behalf of the source partner. Just like if the partner submitted it himself from the partner portal.

Submit leads on behalf of partners

To submit a new lead, on behalf of a partner (ie: where the partner is the source of the lead):

  • Go on the Leads page
  • Click on Add a new lead button
  • Select the Assign partner (this is the source partner for the new lead)
  • Optionally select the Assign contact (ie: the sales rep in the partner's team)
  • Check the option "This partner is the source of the lead"
  • Fill in the form and click Add button

By checking the option This partner is the source of the lead you identify the partner as the source.

They have access to this lead from their partner portal. The lead is Accepted, and there is no need for the partner to validate the lead.

Why is the lead Accepted automatically?

Because you submitted the lead on behalf of the partner, Kiflo assumes you accept it automatically.

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