How to share leads with partners?

You can send leads to partners using Kiflo. This feature is useful when you are the source of the lead, and need to share it with the appropriate reseller, for instance.

Want to add a lead where the partner is the source instead? Check out this article: How to submit leads on behalf of partners?

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Share leads with partners

To add a lead in Kiflo and share it with a partner:

  • Go to the Leads page
  • Click on Add a new lead button
  • Select the Assigned partner
  • Optionally select the Assigned contact (ie: the sales rep in the partner's team)
  • Fill in the form and click Add
  • That's it!

In the upper example, the lead is shared with the partner "Tesco Corporation" and the Assigned contact will receive a notification.

The new lead page shows the current lead status, Pending (refer to the next section to understand validation):

Partner's validation

Partners must validate the leads you share with them. Just like you do, when you receive leads from partners.

The assigned partner sees 2 actions on the new lead page: Accept and Refuse. You receive a notification when the partner accepts or refuses the shared lead.

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