WordPress - Gravity Forms

Connect Kiflo with your Wordpress site in order to track visits, send leads, customers and partner applications to Kiflo.


The integration relies on 2 Wordpress plugins:

  • GravityForms (https://www.gravityforms.com/): this is very popular commercial plugin that can be connected to many apps (Zapier, HubSpot, Slack, etc). You can Connect it to Zapier and track the leads coming from your partners.

Setup Kiflo WordPress plugin

To download, install and configure Kiflo WordPress plugin, please refer to this article: https://docs.kiflo.com/article/39-wordpress

GravityForms integration

We recommand connecting GravityForms with Zapier and inject the  Kiflo tracking code in an hidden form field. It will allow Kiflo to track source partner for any lead or customer created from GravityForms.

Injecting tracking code

Injecting the Kiflo tracking code is easy:

  • Add an hidden field in your existing form
  • Configure it to be automatically populated, like this:

Don't forget to use the parameter name: kiflotrackingcode, all lower case, no spaces

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