How to send emails per partner language?

If you have partners in different countries it could be better to adapt your communication based on their language.

It's possible to send emails in Kiflo based on the partner's preferred communication language.

How does it work?

For one email template, you can add many translations, in as many languages as you want.

Then for each partner, you can specify the preferred communication language.

Finally, when Kiflo sends this email template, it will pick the right translation for each partner receiving this email.

Real-life example

  • Define an email template to invite new partners to Kiflo
  • Add many translations for the same invitation email template (let's say: English and Spanish)
  • Add a new partner whose communication language is Spanish
  • Invite this partner to activate their account on Kiflo: they will receive an email in Spanish

What if the preferred communication language is not set on the partner?

The default translation for the email template will be used. The default translation is the first translation available.

What if there is no translation for one email template in the partner's preferred communication language?

If the preferred communication language for a partner is set to Spanish but there is no translation in Spanish for the email template, then the default version will be used.

Add translation

Open the email template you'd like to edit, then:

  • Click on the Add translation button
  • Select the language
  • Click Add
  • That's it!

The following fields can be translated:

  • From name
  • Reply to
  • BCC
  • Subject
  • Message

Have channel managers per country?

Use the From name and Reply to fields to make sure partners will reply to the channel manager responsible for their country.

Delete translation

Open the email template you'd like to edit, then:

  • Click on the translation you'd like to delete
  • Click the Delete button
  • Then confirm

This is not possible to delete the default version but you can assign another language to the default version.

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