How partners can request quotes?

Enabling quote requests for partners is not only possible, but the process is made easy with Kiflo.

In most instances, quote requests are mainly used by resellers.

When speaking to potential customers, resellers will propose a quote and ask the vendor. However, the option to request quotes is available to all partner types.

Enable quote requests

  • Go to your program settings
  • Scroll until you can see the Allow Partners to request a quote 
  • Toggle the button to allow partners to request a quote from a deal

Once you have enabled the setting, partners that are part of the Partner Program will see a Request a Quote button on the deal's page.

When the partner submits a quote, they can include any additional notes.

Once the quote request has been submitted, the vendor will be notified via email that a new quote has been requested.

The vendor will have the option to attach the quote directly to the deal where it can be accessed by the partners.

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