How to assign a Sales Representative to a Reward?

In Kiflo you have the ability to define who should be rewarded. This could either be a partner (company) or a specific sales representative (assigned user). By assigning sales representatives to a reward you are incentivizing them to perform better.

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Assigning a Sales Representative 

To assign a Sales Representative to a reward follow the steps below:

  • On your Admin portal, go to the Programs tab
  • Open a Partner Program
  • Go to the Levels tab and choose the relevant level
  • Click on Add reward button
  • Fill in relevant information and choose the trigger for the reward as "Deal contract started"

You can then choose who will be rewarded, "Partner" or "Sales rep". 

How can I know who is the sales representative on a deal?

Here are the steps to identify the assigned sales representative: 

  • On your Admin portal, go to the Deals tab
  • Open a Deal
  • On the Deal go to the Partners Tab

On this tab, you will see the assigned contact, which is the sales representative.

How to change assigned Sales Representative?

Here is how you can change an assigned contact (sales representative) on a deal:

  • On a Deal, go to the Partners tab (please see section above)
  • Pass your cursor on the Partner and click Edit

  • You can change the "Assigned user"

Mandatory Partner Portal Access

The sales representative you want to assign as the contact on a deal needs to have access to the partner portal in order to be assigned

How can I know if a reward must be given to the Partner or Sales Representative?

To see who will get the reward do the following steps:

  • On your Admin portal, go to the Partners tab
  • Choose a Partner
  • Go to the Rewards tab

Here you will see who is owed the reward. If you set up your reward structure to reward a partner, the partner's name would be the recipient. However, if you assign a sales representative, the name of the sales representative will appear under recipient.

When you create payouts and export them, the recipient column is also exported. This is how you will know who you should pay.

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