How to detect channel conflicts on leads?

When Partner submits leads, make sure there are no Channel Conflicts with other partners or your direct sales team.
Otherwise, you might lose your partner's trust.

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To avoid this kind of issue, use automatic Channel Conflict Detection in Kiflo.

Channel Conflicts can be detected within:

Enable Channel Conflict Detection

To enable Channel Conflict Detection on Deals:

  • Go on your Account settings
  • Click on Deals
  • Check the option "Enable channel conflict detection"
  • Click Save

Detect Channel Conflicts within Kiflo

Now that you have enabled Channel Conflict Detection, Kiflo will start watching for Channel Conflicts based on existing Leads, Deals, and Customers.

How does it work?

To detect Channel Conflicts, we use the client email domain and search for existing:

  • Leads that have an email on the same domain.
  • Deals that have a client on the same domain.
  • Customers that have an email on the same domain.

Detect Channel Conflicts within your CRM

To detect Channel Conflict within your CRM, you can use Zapier and the "Create Channel Conflict" action.

Have a look at this Zap Template to get an example.
This Zap Template detects Channel Conflicts in HubSpot on Leads and can easily be updated to fit your business need.

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