Create a Partner

To recruit new partners from your website, you can connect your "Partner Program Application Form" by calling the following method on each submission:

kiflo('partner', {
        // partnerObject,
    function(response) {
        // handle success
    function(error) {
        // handle error


kiflo('partner', {
    name: 'Microsoft',
    status: 'Prospect',
    programLevelId: 14,
    mainContact: {
        firstName: "John",
        lastName: "Doe",
        email: "",
	jobTitle: "CEO",
	phoneNumber: "+1 555 666 777",
	createAccount: false
    properties: {
        country: 'US',
        ... // other custom partner properties


Name Type Description
name (required) string The name of the partner
status (optional) enum The status of the partner. Could be Applicant, Prospect, Active, Declined
programLevelId (optional) enum The program level identifier where the partner applies to. This Id can be found in the browser address bar when you select a level in a program. For this URL "", the programLevelId is 155
mainContact (required) object The main contact of the partner. A firstName, lastName, email is required.
properties (optional) object The properties of the partner visible on your Kiflo account

MainContact Object:

Name Type Description
firstName (required) string The main contact's firstname
lastName (required) string The main contact's lastname
email (required) string The main contact's email
jobTitle (optional) string The main contact's jobTitle
phoneNumber (optional) string The main contact's phoneNumber
createAccount (optional) boolean True to create the account on Kiflo for the new partner, otherwise False (default is False)

In which case should I create a partner?

If your partners can apply to your partner program from your website for example.
Have a look at how to connect your partner application form to Kilfo.

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