How to set up SSO (Single Sign-On)?

The SSO option is only available on the Unlimited plan.

Enabling single sign-on allows you or your partners to access Kiflo without having to enter their password.

This is particularly useful if you provide many portals to partners, like an LMS, a ticketing system, or any other external application. Partners will seamlessly switch from your LMS to Kiflo or vice-versa. It greatly improves partners' experience.


Kiflo implements SAML 2.0 and acts as the service provider. However:

    • we do not manage user provisioning: users have to be created in Kiflo first
    • we do not manage sign-out flow: users have to sign out from Kiflo and won't be signed out from other applications

Enable single sign-on

To enable SSO:

  • Navigate to the Account page
  • Then click on Security
  • Toggle on Enable SAML Single Sign-On

Then fill in the Identity Provider Login URL and Certificate based on the information provided by your IP.

Set up your identity provider

Your Identity Provider will ask for a callback URL (where the SAML token will be sent). This callback URL is generated by Kiflo.

  • Navigate to the Account page
  • Then click on Security
  • Copy the value of "Service Provider Callback URL"

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