How to allow partners to manage their own team?

Adding new team members (sales reps) to partners can be time-consuming. Especially when your partners have a lot of sales reps. Fortunately, Kiflo is here to help you scale: you can delegate this task to partners.

Please view this short explainer video to understand how to allow partners to manage their team members:

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What can partners do?

Only the main contact can manage their team. 

The main contact can:

  • Add team members: they will have access to the partner portal without validation from the channel manager
  • Delete existing team members: regardless of whether the team members were added by the channel manager or the partner's main contact
  • Send or re-send invitation links

The main contact cannot:

  • Edit team members, you are still responsible for editing them
  • Add team members who don't have access to Kiflo, only the channel managers can do that

How do I allow partners to manage team members?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Go onto the Programs tab
  2. Click on a program
  3. Go on the Settings tab
  4. Enable the option "Allow partner main contact to add partner team members" at the bottom of the page:

How will I know what partners are doing?

You'll receive email notifications when partners:

  • Add team members
  • Remove team members

You can enable/disable those notifications from the notifications page accessible via the top-right menu, Profile > Notifications:

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