How to change partner referral code? (on referral links)

Kiflo generates a unique referral code automatically for each of your partners. This code is used to generate referral/affiliate links:

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We recommend changing the referral code only for new partners who never shared or had access to referral links.

Why change referral codes?

There are multiple good reasons for changing referral codes manually. For instance:

  • If a partner is renamed, you may want to also change the referral code to keep the consistency
  • If you already have a referral code for a partner, tracked in Google Analytics or other marketing tools, you can use it to keep your existing tracking

How to change referral codes?

To update partner referral code follow these steps:

  • Go to Partners tab
  • Open relevant Partner
  • Go to Links tab
  • Click on Update referral code button
  • Choose a new referral code
  • Click Update

Important considerations

Changing the referral code will disable old referral links immediately! If you change the referral code for an existing partner, who already shared referral links, all existing links will be deactivated.
You won't be able to track visitors and leads coming on your website using old referral links.

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