How to change the partner portal domain?

In order to strengthen your brand, you can customize the domain name used to access the partner portal.

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Changing the sub-domain

Your partner portal is always accessible via a sub-domain (ex:

You can change it at any time, by going on Manage > Domain:

Make sure your partners won't lose access to their portal!

Once you change the sub-domain, the change is immediate! Your partner portal is accessible via the new sub-domain and the previous one is deactivated. Your partners won't be able to access their portal using the old URL

You will need to communicate the new URL to all of your partners for them to regain access.

Changing the custom domain

If you want to hide Kiflo from your partners, so they only see your brand/name when accessing their portal, you can purchase the custom domain add-on (see pricing on our website).

Request add-on

You can request the custom domain add-on from Manage > Domain, and click the blue link: "purchase the custom domain add-on".

We'll get in touch with you in a timely manner to:

  • Update your subscription
  • Configure your domain name

Customize your DNS records

You'll need to get in touch with your IT administrator, in order to update your DNS records following the instructions we'll give you.

Once the custom domain is configured and DNS records are validated, you'll see the following confirmation:

How partners can access their portal once the custom domain is enabled?

The partner portal is still accessible via the sub-domain. But by default, all URLs pointing to it will use the new custom domain. When inviting a new partner, sending email notifications, etc, your partners will only see the custom domain, and so your brand.

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