How to grant yourself access to the partner portal (to view what your partners see)?

It is important to set yourself up as a partner in order to see how your partners will work with you, what they see and how they perceive the information you share with them.

Adding yourself as a partner

In order to add yourself as a partner, you need to do the following steps:

  • Go to the Partner tab
  • Choose a partner you would like to add yourself to (It is best practice to create a test partner that will be dedicated to testing and seeing what partners see)
  • Go to the Team tab
  • Click Add a team member button

  • Fill in the requested fields

Email address

You need to use your current account's email address in order to make this work. Otherwise you will have to sign out/sign in each time you want to connect on the partner portal.

  • Switch on Kiflo PRM Account (This contact will have access to the partner portal)
  • Click Next button

  • Check the "Don't send an email" box

  • Refresh your admin portal 
  • Your partner access will be added under Workspaces on the top right-hand corner of your portal

Changing workspaces

You can switch between workspaces to quickly have access to what your partners see and to make sure everything is set up correctly.

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