For SaaS companies with a Self Service Model

This article is intended for SaaS companies with a self-service model that wants to reward their partners for each new paying customer brought in.

Follow these 3 steps and you'll get up and running in 20 minutes.
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The 3 steps to grow your business

  1. Install Kiflo JS
  2. Connect your Signup Form
  3. Trigger Rewards  

Step 1. Install Kiflo JS

To install Kiflo JS follows these simple steps

Once Kiflo JS is installed on your website all the traffic from your partners will be tracked in order to be able to automatically incentivize and reward them.

Step 2. Connect your Signup Form

To connect your "Sign Up Form" use Kiflo JS and create a new Customer for every signup.

Created Customers will be visible on Kiflo "Customers" page. Each row associates a Partner (referrer) to the new Signup (referee).

Step 3. Trigger Rewards

Now is the time to create a transaction every time a customer makes a purchase or renews its subscription in order to trigger rewards.

To create new transactions you can:

Rewards can be configured in your partner program from Kiflo.

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